A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

A quick round based asimetric multiplayer game of spooky cat and mouse, in which one player controls a ghost trying to take over an old house, and the other one tries to help the living resident to defend it and purge all evil presences.

The left side of the screen is a view of the human, with a room based camera. The right one is a paranormal activity monitor of the ground floor in which the specter can reveal its position, only if they so choose. 

To corner and devour the soul of the poor victim, the phantasm can move in a grid based system, lock doors, and use the ability that is exclusive to that character. In this case, leave a ectoplasm doppelganger that will drain the souls that come close, at a lesser rate than the original.

To defend himself, the man has free movement, the ability to open chests, take up to 2 items from them (or leave, to make space to carry more ), and use such items; Keys to open doors, candles to place in the ritual candelabra, and lighters to turn on said candles and cast away unwelcomed entities.


The idea is to polish the gameplay and look, finish the 3d models for characters and environments, and add features such as:

  • A tutorial that is followed by a few mission based challenges for single player
  • Thematic areas to make the core game more compelling, that will serve as a separation (no area will have more than one unique item, but multiple regular ones)
  • Special rooms and ghost free passageways that can be unlocked with a special object, like a weird book that, once placed on a bookcase with one book missing, will open up a secret door.
  • A simple map replay after each round.
  • Two more characters for each side, with their own abilities.
  • 4 Player mode.
  • Some more stuff that currently escapes my mind.


NEW Unwelcomed build for windows 99 MB
Linux Build 90 MB
Mac Build 88 MB

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